Board Members

The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc. stems from the Vodou Ethic and spirit of communism practical consciousness of the Haitian

ancestors who fought against white supremacy and capitalist exploitation during the Haitian Revolution.  As a result, to serve on the

board, board members must share the anti-capitalist/white supremacy position of Dr. Paul C. Mocombe.


Paul C. Mocombe, Founder & Chairman

Genetha Harris

Tiara S. Mocombe

Donte Randolphe


Amal Madibbo, PhD Paul C. Mocombe Gary D. Wright Angela Williams

Genetha Harris, Donte Randolphe Lutrica Hankerson

Tiara S. Mocombe, Claudette Wright Betty Ingram

Kathy Randall Milton Harris Jr. Linda Simeon, M.Ed

Standing Committees

Board Development/Outreach – Donte Randolphe, Chairperson

Special Events – Genetha Harris, Chairperson

Marketing/Public Relations – Gary D. Wright, Chairperson

Budget/Finance – Paul C. Mocombe, Chairperson

Fund Raising/Development/Grants – Milton Harris Jr., Chairperson

*NOTE: Includes new members to be formally nominated at next Board Meeting

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The Mocombeian Foundation Inc.