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In 1999, Dr. Paul C. Mocombe created the Mocombeian Strategy and Reading Room Curriculum

for The Russell Life Skills and Reading Foundation, Inc. to “tackle” the high illiteracy rate of

inner city youth and the lack of educational resources available to them.  In 2008, he established

The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc. as a 501c 3 non-profit organization to teach and provide the

Mocombeian Strategy and Reading Room Curriculum, Mocombe’s Reading Room Series, state

and nationwide.

The Foundation’s Mission is, “Teaching Reading Strategically” with the overall goal of

eradicating illiteracy among inner city youth and empowering, inspiring and encouraging at

risk youth to become critical thinkers and close the achievement gap.

The Foundation’s mission is based on Mocombe’s pan-African communist practical

consciousness, which emerges out of the Vodou Ethic and Spirit of Communism of his

Haitian ancestors.

The Foundation’s program is multi-faceted and combines the following three elements, in

aggregate, to offer a holistic approach to addressing the problem of illiteracy among inner-city


Mocombe’s Reading Room Centers– Are locations (pre-schools and schools throughout

the nation) utilizing the Mocombeian Strategy and Reading Room Curriculum.

The Mentoring Program– promotes self-empowerment through engagement of various

board members who share Mocombe’s pan-African communist worldview to speak on

such topics as pan-Africanism, communism, and Third-World solidarity to children of

African descent.

Helping Hand Outreach– provides School supplies to schools located in Le Borgne,


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